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“I went to eight stylists in a row hoping to get a graduated bob cut; pretty popular right now so I thought it would be easy to find someone capable.  I tried the big name salons and paid twice what Erin charges for the same services, and they didn’t even do what I asked OR what was in the picture I provided as a guide.  My very first haircut with Erin was absolutely perfect and what I had been looking for for months!  I go back to her every month and even with her huge client base, she remembers exactly what I want each time!  She is so talented and makes for great conversation during my appointments, too!  Thanks, Erin!”

By Kristin Lowe

“Erin has been doing my hair for the past 6 years, and she is amazing!  She has an eye for choosing the perfect cut, color and style to suit each individual.  I’ve never been disappointed!”

By Heather Klein

“I’ve been a client of Erin’s since she was a student at Gene Juarez.  She has a magic touch with color that is UNMATCHED anywhere!  Erin loves her profession and it shows in everything she does. If you’re looking for someone new to take of your hair care needs, you can’t do better than Erin.  YOU ROCK!”

By Veronica Oliver

I have had the pleasure of having Erin as my hair stylist since 2004! There are “hairstylists,” and than there are “hair artists.” Erin is by far a hair artist who is constantly continuing her education to guarantee that she knows how to do the latest trends and is using the best products out there. One thing I love about Erin, is that she doesn’t just “do your hair.” She honestly cares that you walk out of her door satisfied. She is not afraid to tell you if she doesn’t think something will look good, or if it will cause excessive damage to your hair. She has a true passion for her job and it shows! I have to carry her business cards on me because I am constantly getting asked “who does your hair?!” If you’re looking for a hairstylist who does outstanding work at a great price, give Erin a try! I promise you won’t regret it!!

By Shala Durbin

I have been going to Erin for 4 years and lets just say she is the BEST! For 10 years I had been having my hair colored a dark red auburn. So when I went to Erin and said I want to be blonde I swear she must of thought I was crazy. She talked me through the whole process and was very honest with me on the stages my hair would go through, because if you have ever gone from dark to blonde it DOES NOT happen over night and takes a lot of transition period but Erin made my hair look great even during that period and used the best products as to not fry or ruin my hair. But what I am most thankful for was Erin on my wedding day. I have never in my life felt as beautiful as I did that day. Erin did both my makeup and hair and I couldn’t of asked for anything better!!! I have been going to Erin long enough now that I know its just better to leave the decisions up to the expert and in my book Erin is the expert!

By Maureen Worden

Erin did my hair & makeup, as well as hair & makeup for my bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom.  All I have to say is she ROCKS, and is awesome!  I was going to go to Gene Juarez initially, AND I’M SO GLAD I WENT TO ERIN and Level Headed Hair Design by Erin Reibman INSTEAD! Erin is extremely professional, talented and KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING!  I plan on ending my hair appointments at the exclusive and expensive Seven Salon in Bellevue, and going to Erin instead.  HER WORK IS AWESOME!

By Rebecca Andrews

“I always love cut and color, whether I’m feeling blonde, rich brown or even purple.”

By Jenelle York

Erin has been my stylist for over 7 years. I always leave feeling beautiful. Her continuous commitment to education in her field makes her stand out above the rest. She is always up to speed on the newest techniques. Before coming to Erin, I would always leave the salon with a headache. However, that is not the case at Level Headed Hair Design. Erin only uses ammonia free products, so no more headaches!

By Becky Sheets

“I am a very conservative girl when it comes to my hair.  With Erin I completely trust her judgement.  She knows what works for me without me having to micromanage.  In fact I trust her so much I now have some teal streaks in my hair and I absolutely love it!”

By Nicole Knot-Allen

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