“I have been going to Erin for about 20 years now. There is a reason for that! She is one of the most talented stylists out there. Not only does she continually take education courses on new techniques but she also is honest about what your hair will do well and guide you through that. I have done everything to my hair, crazy colors, went from blonde to dark brown to blonde again and every time she has done an amazing job. I will recommend this woman over and over again. ”

Ilyse Treptow

“Have you ever been to a magic show? Because that’s basically what you’re getting when going to Erin. She’s taken me from blonde, to brown, to red and two toned over the course of 7 years. She is literally a hair wizard while mixing your perfect shade. She can do anything you ask while giving you a personal karaoke show (she’s top tier at both). It shows that Erin takes pride in continuing education and is always learning to be the best of the best for her clients. Erin does not disappoint!”

Calise Pilo

“Erin did my hair for my wedding 4.5 years ago. I told her my vision and she created something magical. I still dream about my hair do from that day. She is very skilled with cutting and styling hair. She now cuts my hair. I have curly hair and she cuts my hair to best allow the curls to pop. If I want to make changes, she explains why or why not based on my hair type. Within the last year I started doing partial highlights, I’m able to explain my vision and she makes it come to life. I’ll ask her advice on the best shampoo/conditioner and she gives a couple different options to choose from. It’s over an hour drive for me to see her, but I won’t let anyone else cut or color my hair. She is incredibly knowledgeable on all things hair. Each time is an enjoyable experience, and I get to walk away feeling more confident with my hair all done.”

Alyssa Legget

“I have been a repeat client of Erin for over 13 years. Her level of knowledge on the perfect hair color comes from her continued pursuit of extra education. I love that I leave her salon feeling amazing every time.”

Becky Sheets

“I’ve been going to Erin since early 2021, and I could not be happier. It was a tough decision because I loved my former stylist, but the distance to them had become too far. Erin is so knowledgeable and extremely skilled, in addition to being local. She’s also a delight to be around. Her cozy salon is super relaxing- always offering beverages, and has the company of two very sweet, well behaved salon puppers. 10/10 for making a girl feel beautiful, and easy to communicate and schedule with. ”

Megan Vollmar